Hampshire 20's and 30's Website.
How was it done?


To encourage people to join the Ramblers, get involved and contribute to what is and has been for over ten years, an active and fun group to be part of for many young people in their twenties and thirties.

The Process

  • Understand the problem

  • Map out the requirements, make basic sketches

  • Mock up the look and feel

  • Integration and Development

  • Test, release and iterate

  • Deliver & Support

Understand the problem

Current site looks old, doesn't attract people to join

Difficult to navigate through maze of links

Many pages overpopulated with information

Not mobile friendly

Wordpress security issues

No access to database for committee members

Issue with signing up to events

No facility for members to reset forgotten passwords

Walk leaders do not always fill out their attendance forms online

Statistics collected not accurate and can't be verified against database

Map out the requirements, make basic sketches

Make it informative

  • About the group
  • How do you join?

Give people a visual idea of what it looks like on a walk

  • Good use of pictures
  • Gallery

Show people what is going to be happening

  • Events List

Enable people to add events

  • Event submission page

Highlight important events

  • News page

Give enough information to answer common questions

  • FAQs page

Give people a place to login and perform tasks

  • Login facility
  • User profile page
  • Ability to submit events
  • Provide facility to submit walk attendees

Site must be linked into social media

  • Facebook and Twitter links

Provide information that encourages attendance

  • Leaderboard on user profile page to encourage greater participation

Provide tools for the committee to assist them in running the group

  • Manage Events
  • Manage Members
  • Manage roles
  • Walk Statistics
  • Attendance Statistics

Look and Feel

A variety of PSD templates were produced to work from when constructing the site. Here is a sample of them...

Integration and Development

What features must it have?

  • Fast and Light

  • Secure

  • Reports

  • Social

  • Responsive (mobile friendly)

  • Background scheduling

  • Maps

  • APIs

What about the architecture?

Separation of Concerns

Dependency Injection

Onion architecture

Front and Back End Validation

Error Logging

What technologies will be used?

Visual Studio 2017



Font Awesome


.NET MVC 4.6.2



SQL Server 2016


Test, release and iterate


In order to keep track of bug fixing, testing and releasing, Trello was used for the project. Each committee member was given access accordingly to raise issues before initial release.

Enough already, what was delivered?!

A whole range of features were delivered which can't be seen by simply heading over to hantswalk.org.uk, so here's a peak at the most important ones available to the walkers and committee members after they've logged in

Member Facilities

Member Login

Forgotten Password

Member Event bookings

Member Profile

Event Submission


Committee Tools

Event Manager

Role Manager

Member List/Manager

Walk Statistics

Attendance Statistics